Wednesday, August 26, 2009

7th week already!

Ramadhan is here already.. 6 Ramadhan.
7th week... For me this month is blessed by God.
I feel at ease, calm and happy always.
This month, I try to maximize myself to the best...
Of course, it may be tiring but doing all these routines is a must.
but I don't take it as burden. It's my duty, my responsibility as a student.

As for the resources class, everything went through as usual.
Blog updates, learning new skills, and some more thoughts given by Puan Foziah.
We have been told that we can send it our work on 3rd September and that make me feel happy. I do have extra time to complete the work and better start it early or else I would not be able to finish it on time. Surely I got plenty of time to work on it.

Ok, this week, we learn about audio editing.
There are plenty of software that we could use to edit audio namely...
Audacity, Nero, Sony Sound Forge, Fz audio editor and a lot more software that we can easily download from the net...
The purpose that we need to edit audio are for our own pleasure, for the use of our projects and for other purposes.

Hmm.. I love music and I think everyone love music.
Thus, by learning how to edit audio, we will be satisfied when we can listen to our favorite music without any disturbance sound or other voice which is unnecessary.
I will try my best to edit audio s o that I can use it for my own purpose.
I love to listen to music wherever I am and I want all of it in the best quality.
Hence, I'm happy that I can learn it through this course.

All in all, that's all what we have learned on that day.
We have been assigned to edit some audio individually and in groups.
Thus, we need to take this opportunity to do the best as we can.
So, good luck and chaiiyokk!!!
Till then, take care and happy fasting!>_<

Sunday, August 16, 2009

E-Book = 6th week


(Illustrations + text = meaning)

The 6th week, what we have learned and what we need to do is an e-book. From the name itself, I know that it should involve the use of technology as it has an 'e' in front of the word 'book'. The similarity between an e-book and a book is what I have written above. In making a book or an e-book, teacher need to consider about the illustration used like the images, colours chosen and also the size of the illustration used. Besides, a book or e-book also needs text to describe the illustrations. Text needs to be simple and interesting so that it will attract children attention. By having both, illustrations and text in our book or e-book, the meaning that we want to convey will be achieved.

From the lecture given by Puan Foziah, it is clear that the important elements that need to be considered in making an e-book are the characters, setting, plot and also the theme. Besides, she also mentioned about the components of e-books like the text style, narrative style, language use and also a lot more components need to be included.

Characters are the most important elements in an e-book. Without characters, a story would not be lively and there is nothing to be narrated about. The characters may be humans or animals. When we have characters other things that need to be included are the characteristics of the characters. There are credible characters, antagonist, protagonist and also lot more types of characteristics.

Besides that, setting or the place and the time the story occurred should also be implied into the story. This is to make the story flow accordingly to what we planned to do and also to match in with the plot of the story. In the plot, we need to have the beginning of the story, the climax and also the anti-climax and resolutions.

In the other hand, what we need to do is state the theme of the story and how the story is going to go about. We need to do that because this can make us stick to the theme throughout the story and not go away from the topic planned.

All in all, all these elements and components are vital to make an interesting e-book. This process of making an e-book is important for us so that in future, we would not struggle to make a story as fast as we can. This is because, by using power point we can create a story in a blink of eyes.. Hehe.. which to say, we don't have to waste much time on preparing the story in an e-book. We just need to open power point presentation and include illustrations and some text into it to make it an interesting e-book. After all, we still need to plan the story well to attract the children.

That is all about e-book. We are also required to finish our photo editing using Adobe Photoshop and upload it in the photo bucket.

Hmm..What else? Hee..

Of course..Holiday!!!!

It should be the week where we can relax our mind a little bit from the work loads..

However, work should not be abandoned. There are lots and loads of work to be done. Take some time to rest but don't ever forget your work..

“ Procrastination is a thief of time”

Till then, Happy Hols guys and Enjoy your holiday...

"Enjoy" your assignment too.... Hehe>_<

Pen off...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time moves on........ Do we?

Special regards to all!
Hello guys... we meet again...
Hmm... I never realize that time moves on so fast,
blink your eyes and now we are in week 5 already!
Seems like I just step in to UM yesterday! Huuu.. life here are Chaotic!
All mix up! I need to manage my time more carefully to get everything done
and settled by the end of this sem..
Really need to sit and take time to plan it well...
Same to you all!....

Hmm... whatever it is life need to move on... This fifth week,
we are working on the second module of this course, PBEY 3102 which is photo editing...
It's actually trigger our interest into learning it as I think we all love pictures and kids love pictures....
So, we really need to learn how to edit photos in order to attract our pupils to the lesson in the future....

we are learning on two basic software on photo editing which are photoshop and also Fxfoto... For me, both are very useful as it has different features which we need to explore it well in order to get mastered with it...
Photoshop is quite difficult to use and like Puan Foziah said, of course! This is because, Photoshop is for professionals and thus we need to learn it, so that at least we can edit pictures by ourselves.. Luckily enough, we are given lots of tutorials from Puan Foziah which we need to download it from her skydrive... So, download it, read it, and try it out!

You will find it difficult at the beginning, but when you get to use with both the software, you will find it easy and you may get ADDICTED to that!!! It's fun learning, we are dealing with pictures, colours, and things that will trigger your pupils' and YOUR attention....

As for Photo Fx, it is quite user friendly...
Besides, it provides guideline for beginners... It got some features that are different from adobe photoshop (maybe I didn't explore it well yet)... And you can try out editing your picture using this software.. Have fun in learning whenever you can..
And, dont forget, what you learn now need to be applied in your future teaching..
So make it all out, try your best so that in the end, you won't regret it as you have work hard on it...

Just take it positive and be optimist!!! Good luck ya in completing your work!
See ya!!!