Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yeaayyy...Here it comes... The 14th week!

Salam and hi to all,
how are you guys doing?
It is week 14 already... The last week of this semester...
Which means exam is around the corner..Huhu that the
worse part...
How about your preparation?
Hmm... me???? haha..still no courage to study....

This week,
in PBEY 3102 class,
nothing much happen....
Puan foziah just sharing some stories with us,
and from the stories told, it really encourages me to go abroad,
to further my studies and also to see other people's region.
I really want to see other country in the world,
experiencing new things, new environment...
New friends maybe... Huhu how I wish I
could do that...Maybe with God will,nothing is impossible...

What else? We also having a short discussion on
planning and making a Lesson Plan....
What is a lesson plan? and why we need lesson plan?
Hmm.. if you are teachers lesson plan is a very common thing
yet important as it is a plan for us teachers to carry out the
lesson in the classroom as what we have planned and arranged.
Lesson plan is very much needed for teachers to give a
benchmark to start the lesson and also to make us prepare
the teaching aids or whatever needed in order to
teach a lesson. The teaching aids may be in technological form
like video, edited pictures, e-book and a lot more types of
technological teaching aids,
and it may be hand made or more or less non technological teaching aids like
flashcards and posters.

Hmm... Puan foziah also discuss some very important
things that she want to have in the lesson plan.
All these process to make a lesson plan is very important
for us for our future use as teachers. We will not be struggling around
searching for suitable lessons as we can easily adapt what
we have made here from the very first year we study until
the end. For me, everything that we have learned are
made intentionally for our future use. We should waste any of what we
have been learning or made throughout the whole
year of learning.

Hmm.. so guys make full use of what we have been learning ok.
Nothing will work out if we do not work for it.
Nothing is impossible if you make it possible.
So, I think that is all for this entry. We will meet again in
my 15th entry of all.
Ok, good luck for your examination guys.
It's time to burn the midnight oil.
Happy studying! Pen off [n_n]

Friday, October 16, 2009

~13th Week~ Software = The Use of Microsoft Publisher

Familiar with this icon?
Have you used this software before?
What do you use this software for?
Is it useful for your assignment? Or for projects?

Hmm..I'm sure most of us already know what is the software..
It is one of the software in Microsoft Office which is

This week class in PBEY3102 = Heaven of Teaching,
we were introduced to the Microsoft Publisher which I think
most of us are very familiar with it.. So, it is not a
problem for us to produce something using MS Publisher.

What MS Publisher can do?
We can produced a lot of projects using this software namely
advertisement, brochure, fliers, invitation cards,
business cards, booklet and a lot more...
All these are very useful for us especially to produce the teaching aids...

What else? We also have some more discussion on our assignments,
test date and also some more clarification on what we have to add to our

As for me, the use of the software will help us in our future teaching.
We have completed all the modules for all the 14 weeks...
We have learned on internet skills, photo editing, audio editing,
video editing and also software in teaching English as a second language.
All what we have learned are very useful for us as teachers.
We learned a lot and we know how to produced all those things by ourself.
We will be independent on producing things and teaching aids for our

All in all, I really hope that we will use fully what we have been learning
for this whole semester...

Wish you guys good luck in exams and take care!
Pen off :p

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


ViDEo SuBmiTteD At LAsT!!!= Week 12

Salam hi guys!
It's week 12 already!
Did you all realize that time move on very fast?
Just like in a blink of an eye.... And here we are....
In UM, our second home now...
Everything are still very new to me and I'm missing
maktab very very much!

Hmmm... as for week 12, this week
is the week where we submitted our produced video!
Ya, at last! We send it and I am really satisfied with the
video produced by my pair, Zulhuzni and me...
For me, it is a BLAST!!!
as we were working very hard to complete the video...
We shoot some scene and takes some pictures in order to complete it...
All the scene is not an easy work, it just take some time
and also plan to make it a success...
I am also glad that my friends are also helping us in
publishing this video.. Thanks to Safian, Ayuni, Fiera, Hakim, Illi,
Syikin, Faizal, Safri and Thanusia for helping us....

This week, after uploading all the video to the main PC,
we watched the video produced by all of us one after another.
For me, each and everyone of us has done a very good job!
All the videos are SUPERB!!!! Thumbs up guys....
I am very sure that after this, it is not a problem for
us to produce any video either for pleasure or to be used
as teaching aids in our classroom teaching....

The learning and the experience of producing the video
will surely help us in the future as we will be using
all the techniques that we have learned throughout our
teaching practice. By learning all these, we will be able
to enhance the students' learning by applying different
and variety of teaching aids and also use various methods
so that all our students will love the lesson and can
understand the lesson better...
All in all, I'm sure that all of us will be the best teachers
in the future as I know each and everyone of us
is working hard towards achieving the dreams...

Thank you again to all and meet you in my next post..
Pen off>_<

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 11= Presentation and Discussion

Mood: Still in Raya Mood!

Want to take this chance to wish Selamat Hari Raya again to all...
Hehe...Now back to work mode....
Week 11 already past and there are only 3 weeks more to go...

First and foremost, how's your Hari Raya guys? Must be splendid right?
Hope you all enjoy it to the maximum as they are some more work and assignment waiting..
As in week 11, we combined with Tuesday group as our lecturer Puan Foziah is
not in well condition... Thus, on that day, some of the groups presented on the
articles that we got before...
There are different findings from every article and I think all the groups did
a very good job in presenting...

As for my group, we presented about the use of technology in English Language Learning...
From my own understanding about the article, in English Language Learning it should involve all the 4 elements or the 4 basic skills which are speaking, listening, reading and writing. It is important to use technology to enhance all those skills so that pupils will be able to acquire their English Language easily.

On the other hand, after every group has presented their article, we discussed about the assignment that we need to send within this 3 weeks. This is because, there is some confusion with the Tuesday group as we the Thursday group did not aware that assignment 2 need to be send in week 12 together with the video. However, all confusion were solved on that day and I think all of us are clear on what to do and when all of the assignment are due.

Hmm.. I think that is all on what happen on last Thursday.. I think the presentation is good for us so that we would be able to present lessons to our students in the future. Same goes with all the other assignment.. As appear in my blog title PBEY 3102 -Heaven of Teaching, this course clearly provided us with all things that we need to prepare for a real classroom. We learn by ourselves on how to prepare teaching aids, how to create our own video, editing pictures and audio and a lot more..

As for me, all these will really help us in the future. So, keep up the hard work guys...
Let us walk towards the success and our future beloved career
, TEACHER!!!>_<>