Friday, October 16, 2009

~13th Week~ Software = The Use of Microsoft Publisher

Familiar with this icon?
Have you used this software before?
What do you use this software for?
Is it useful for your assignment? Or for projects?

Hmm..I'm sure most of us already know what is the software..
It is one of the software in Microsoft Office which is

This week class in PBEY3102 = Heaven of Teaching,
we were introduced to the Microsoft Publisher which I think
most of us are very familiar with it.. So, it is not a
problem for us to produce something using MS Publisher.

What MS Publisher can do?
We can produced a lot of projects using this software namely
advertisement, brochure, fliers, invitation cards,
business cards, booklet and a lot more...
All these are very useful for us especially to produce the teaching aids...

What else? We also have some more discussion on our assignments,
test date and also some more clarification on what we have to add to our

As for me, the use of the software will help us in our future teaching.
We have completed all the modules for all the 14 weeks...
We have learned on internet skills, photo editing, audio editing,
video editing and also software in teaching English as a second language.
All what we have learned are very useful for us as teachers.
We learned a lot and we know how to produced all those things by ourself.
We will be independent on producing things and teaching aids for our

All in all, I really hope that we will use fully what we have been learning
for this whole semester...

Wish you guys good luck in exams and take care!
Pen off :p

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