Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ViDEo SuBmiTteD At LAsT!!!= Week 12

Salam hi guys!
It's week 12 already!
Did you all realize that time move on very fast?
Just like in a blink of an eye.... And here we are....
In UM, our second home now...
Everything are still very new to me and I'm missing
maktab very very much!

Hmmm... as for week 12, this week
is the week where we submitted our produced video!
Ya, at last! We send it and I am really satisfied with the
video produced by my pair, Zulhuzni and me...
For me, it is a BLAST!!!
as we were working very hard to complete the video...
We shoot some scene and takes some pictures in order to complete it...
All the scene is not an easy work, it just take some time
and also plan to make it a success...
I am also glad that my friends are also helping us in
publishing this video.. Thanks to Safian, Ayuni, Fiera, Hakim, Illi,
Syikin, Faizal, Safri and Thanusia for helping us....

This week, after uploading all the video to the main PC,
we watched the video produced by all of us one after another.
For me, each and everyone of us has done a very good job!
All the videos are SUPERB!!!! Thumbs up guys....
I am very sure that after this, it is not a problem for
us to produce any video either for pleasure or to be used
as teaching aids in our classroom teaching....

The learning and the experience of producing the video
will surely help us in the future as we will be using
all the techniques that we have learned throughout our
teaching practice. By learning all these, we will be able
to enhance the students' learning by applying different
and variety of teaching aids and also use various methods
so that all our students will love the lesson and can
understand the lesson better...
All in all, I'm sure that all of us will be the best teachers
in the future as I know each and everyone of us
is working hard towards achieving the dreams...

Thank you again to all and meet you in my next post..
Pen off>_<

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