Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hi! We meet again as 4th week past already..!!

Salam and hi to all!

How are you guys? Getting well with the life in UM?
I think we all are quite settled now.. Moving into the next step of learning..
As for PBEY 3102 for this week, actually we did nothing on the internet skills as the server was down.. Huhu quite bored that day because we didn't learn about internet and just discussing around on the topics in our book..

However, we learn something here.. "Sometimes, there is a foul in using technology".
Thus, what we need to do is, we need BACKUP!! Just like what happen in class last thursday, we didn't use internet but we do power point and finish other work rather than sitting there doing NOTHING! That is a backup..

If you are in school, don't ever leave your pupils doing nothing, give them some work and always be prepared with Plan B, Plan C and on and on. This is because, we can't expect internet or even the computer could work all the time and sometimes we can't even use the computer lab for certain reasons.. Hence, it is a vital to make a back up for your lesson especially when it involves the use of technology.

"Inanimate objects can be classified scientifically into three major categories; those that don't work, those that break down and those that get lost" - Russell Baker-

According to Russell Baker, we could conclude that inanimate object like computer can fail sometimes. We can't hope for much but we need them so much.. So, TEACHERS be prepared for the real world out there and don't forget, make a backup plan!>_<

Friday, July 24, 2009

3rd Week Past.. The 4th is coming...

Hi Guys! Hmm.. 3rd week is already become a past for us..
Everything still smells new, fresh and rejuvenating..
Hehe are you enjoying the loads of work coming in?
I think I can still accept it for now, but we are getting tired of the work burdens right?
Not because of the amount I think, but because of the involvement of technology in this new chapter of our life in UM.

"Men have become the tools of their tools" - Henry David Thoreau.

Hmm.. from the quotation above, we should be realized that, we as men are slaves to technology nowadays. We need the technology for our everyday life. We need it each and every second of our time, each and every breath exhaled and inhaled by us.. Technology is a need everywhere and anytime in anything. Did you realized that?

As what we have been learning on last thursday on how to find MP3 files, how to find lyrics through "Google" search engine, how to transfer things from internet to words and power point and a lot more "HOW" which is a vital for us to learn.
Not only because it is a tutorial, it is an assignment but because we need it for our future teaching. All the steps need to be learned to the extend that we become experts in using technology, in adapting it in our lesson.

Everyone is concentrating and absorbing the new knowledge. >_<

To be honest, I never now that the button "Prnt Scrn" can be use for that much extend. It is because, before this I only use it to get pictures that I like from movies ONLY.. Hehe but this is the real use of it. We learned how to get the page from internet and paste in office documents. Hee.. Thats show I need to learn more as I know that there is a lot more knowledge to be learned and acquired. Lots more new items, new knowledge need to be explored.

This is what the"Prnt Scrn" can do actually.. Hee..

However, I'm happy that I did not go through this alone. Each and everyone in my cohort are with me. We are in the same shoes. Learning through all ways in order to become good teachers in the future. We also get more opportunities here as we can integrate technology in our presentations as on last thursday we also need to present the first chapter of " Teaching English in the Primary Classroom". This is what I call a techno savvy teachers. We presented with the help from the LCD, laptop and the smartboard.

That is our future, and our priorities for now. Learn for your future and never give up.
Till then, good luck to all of you and chaaiiyookk!!>_<

Friday, July 17, 2009

2nd week?? Expecting MORE!!

Getting into the second week, already make me sick of technology...
Hehe.. but that is life.. my new life in UM...

However, I'm expecting for some more tempting, mouthwatering and
delectable knowledge of some new recipes in ICT..
Hehe..sounds delicious right?
How about this? Can stand the temptation???

What do you want for appetizer? Just choose from the most yummy, colorful "search engine" cake in the net and you will get to know anything you click. Some of the most popular search engine are yahoo and google.. Type out any keywords and choose form the lists,

Hmm.. second week..we are assigned to to do some task in groups.. Everything of course need technology.. We need to make a portfolio on 5 elements which are photo editing, video editing, audio editing, internet skills and also software for children. We need to complete our portfolio at the end of this course based on all these 5 elements.

For me, this is the chance and the opportunity that I need to grab as all these will help me in my future performance. In making the teaching like heaven as the title of my blog presented, we as teachers need to incorporate technology in the lessons. That is why each of the elements or skills to be learned in order to make us a techno savvy teacher. It does not mean that without technology we cannot teach. Just, technology helps in improvising our teaching.

So, be prepared guys. The next generation need teachers. They dont need a common teacher, but extraordinary teacher. The best one and I believe we are the best teachers. One thing, just bare in mind to get to use to this kind of new methods of teaching and keep the best for dessert.>_< :p

Sunday, July 12, 2009


The 2 days course that I've been attending was a very great experience that I would never forget it. I would like to attend it again in future if I have the chance. Everything are new knowledge that I could not get in such opportunity like this. The sharing, brotherhood between the members are very close. The facilitator whom we call brother and sister were very nice, they welcomed us warmly and we felt very comfortable being able to know such good people.

In addition, this course has given me a very clear explanation and clarification of the main four religions around the world. We were given Al-Quran, Bible and 3 more books related to the topic discussed for the whole 2 days.

The food was great and we even get the opportunity to see one of sister revert to Islam... The ceremony when well, and I'm so touched with the situation on that day. She is really one of the lucky person in this world as according to what Brother Lim has said that, every sins done before she revert to Islam are demolished. She is like a pure, white cloth and with not even a black dots on the cloth. She is like a new born baby with no sins at all. I am so pleased to see this and I'm glad that I was able to see her wonderful moments in her lifetime.

As for all, I think I gain a lot from this IDT, I would be glad to come again and getting involve in this kind of programmes. In a nutshell, I will never forget this moments in my life which I'm sure I could never gain this by my own readings. Syukran jazilan to all, and I'll share the content with you all later.. Till then, take care and may God bless you all always as He is in the Most Gracious and most Merciful.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting into Technology in Teaching- First Day of Class


Basically, my first expectation of this class is of course we are going to learn about technology just like the other subjects. This whole course is going to be a techno sem for us.

For me, everything is just too new to begin with.. Starting this new blog and composing the first and fresh post is quite relaxing. After all the heavy subjects that we have started learning, at least, from this course we could actually learn more about technology and also implemented this in our future teaching.

From the overview, I am quite attracted with the assignment which we should prepare teaching aids and of course using technology. This is what we called globalization world which technology is everywhere. No boundaries and no limited method even for teaching and learning.

Whatelse to say? This is the second blog I've started for this course. This is also the first time I'm getting into this. Before this, I'm only attracted to social networking nad so much on writing a blog. However, this could be a new learning for me and I could make use of this chance to write whatever I want. At first, of course, it is quite difficult get used into all this techno web 2.0 tools but I think I can cope with this. Just take it positive and being optimist and things will get very well in the end.

Just wishing you all good luck for this course and the whole course. Get to use with all this and dont get yourself stressed out! Take your time and relax yourself. Maybe sometimes you should go somewhere and pamper yourself. Heee...

I think that's all for now. . >_<