Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hi! We meet again as 4th week past already..!!

Salam and hi to all!

How are you guys? Getting well with the life in UM?
I think we all are quite settled now.. Moving into the next step of learning..
As for PBEY 3102 for this week, actually we did nothing on the internet skills as the server was down.. Huhu quite bored that day because we didn't learn about internet and just discussing around on the topics in our book..

However, we learn something here.. "Sometimes, there is a foul in using technology".
Thus, what we need to do is, we need BACKUP!! Just like what happen in class last thursday, we didn't use internet but we do power point and finish other work rather than sitting there doing NOTHING! That is a backup..

If you are in school, don't ever leave your pupils doing nothing, give them some work and always be prepared with Plan B, Plan C and on and on. This is because, we can't expect internet or even the computer could work all the time and sometimes we can't even use the computer lab for certain reasons.. Hence, it is a vital to make a back up for your lesson especially when it involves the use of technology.

"Inanimate objects can be classified scientifically into three major categories; those that don't work, those that break down and those that get lost" - Russell Baker-

According to Russell Baker, we could conclude that inanimate object like computer can fail sometimes. We can't hope for much but we need them so much.. So, TEACHERS be prepared for the real world out there and don't forget, make a backup plan!>_<

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