Sunday, July 12, 2009


The 2 days course that I've been attending was a very great experience that I would never forget it. I would like to attend it again in future if I have the chance. Everything are new knowledge that I could not get in such opportunity like this. The sharing, brotherhood between the members are very close. The facilitator whom we call brother and sister were very nice, they welcomed us warmly and we felt very comfortable being able to know such good people.

In addition, this course has given me a very clear explanation and clarification of the main four religions around the world. We were given Al-Quran, Bible and 3 more books related to the topic discussed for the whole 2 days.

The food was great and we even get the opportunity to see one of sister revert to Islam... The ceremony when well, and I'm so touched with the situation on that day. She is really one of the lucky person in this world as according to what Brother Lim has said that, every sins done before she revert to Islam are demolished. She is like a pure, white cloth and with not even a black dots on the cloth. She is like a new born baby with no sins at all. I am so pleased to see this and I'm glad that I was able to see her wonderful moments in her lifetime.

As for all, I think I gain a lot from this IDT, I would be glad to come again and getting involve in this kind of programmes. In a nutshell, I will never forget this moments in my life which I'm sure I could never gain this by my own readings. Syukran jazilan to all, and I'll share the content with you all later.. Till then, take care and may God bless you all always as He is in the Most Gracious and most Merciful.

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