Friday, July 17, 2009

2nd week?? Expecting MORE!!

Getting into the second week, already make me sick of technology...
Hehe.. but that is life.. my new life in UM...

However, I'm expecting for some more tempting, mouthwatering and
delectable knowledge of some new recipes in ICT..
Hehe..sounds delicious right?
How about this? Can stand the temptation???

What do you want for appetizer? Just choose from the most yummy, colorful "search engine" cake in the net and you will get to know anything you click. Some of the most popular search engine are yahoo and google.. Type out any keywords and choose form the lists,

Hmm.. second week..we are assigned to to do some task in groups.. Everything of course need technology.. We need to make a portfolio on 5 elements which are photo editing, video editing, audio editing, internet skills and also software for children. We need to complete our portfolio at the end of this course based on all these 5 elements.

For me, this is the chance and the opportunity that I need to grab as all these will help me in my future performance. In making the teaching like heaven as the title of my blog presented, we as teachers need to incorporate technology in the lessons. That is why each of the elements or skills to be learned in order to make us a techno savvy teacher. It does not mean that without technology we cannot teach. Just, technology helps in improvising our teaching.

So, be prepared guys. The next generation need teachers. They dont need a common teacher, but extraordinary teacher. The best one and I believe we are the best teachers. One thing, just bare in mind to get to use to this kind of new methods of teaching and keep the best for dessert.>_< :p

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