Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting into Technology in Teaching- First Day of Class


Basically, my first expectation of this class is of course we are going to learn about technology just like the other subjects. This whole course is going to be a techno sem for us.

For me, everything is just too new to begin with.. Starting this new blog and composing the first and fresh post is quite relaxing. After all the heavy subjects that we have started learning, at least, from this course we could actually learn more about technology and also implemented this in our future teaching.

From the overview, I am quite attracted with the assignment which we should prepare teaching aids and of course using technology. This is what we called globalization world which technology is everywhere. No boundaries and no limited method even for teaching and learning.

Whatelse to say? This is the second blog I've started for this course. This is also the first time I'm getting into this. Before this, I'm only attracted to social networking nad so much on writing a blog. However, this could be a new learning for me and I could make use of this chance to write whatever I want. At first, of course, it is quite difficult get used into all this techno web 2.0 tools but I think I can cope with this. Just take it positive and being optimist and things will get very well in the end.

Just wishing you all good luck for this course and the whole course. Get to use with all this and dont get yourself stressed out! Take your time and relax yourself. Maybe sometimes you should go somewhere and pamper yourself. Heee...

I think that's all for now. . >_<

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