Friday, September 11, 2009

9th week past.. Almost the end of Ramadhan..

Salam and hi to all,
we meet again.. The 9th week past already..
we are heading to the 10th week... and only 5 week left
for this very first semester, life in UM....
hmmm.. so far I think I'm able to suit myself the chaotic life of
university students, being stuffed with excessive work sometimes
make me feel really tired but all that does not stop me to learn...
For me learning is still the best part of life.. having friends around,
supporting me, discussing, sharing are part of the best things
which I could only have when I'm still learning...
World of work will definitely not going to be the same..

Okay, as for this week class, we started the class by watching some videos about Chun and Ella and also some videos produced by our seniors. All the videos, for me are very interesting
and have the messages conveyed through it. Thus,
from that we know that what we we are going to learn is about producing a video,
and also editing video. The task is we need to produce a video in pair.
We are given some time to discuss on the theme of the video and what
we want the content to be. The most important thing that need
to be included in our video is the message. We can produce any video
that we want but it must have a message conveyed through the
content of the video. For this task, I'm pairing with Zul. He is very enthusiastic
to produce the video and he is also willing to act for the video. I'm glad that I'm
working with him. I do not mind actually as long as I'm comfortable and the
work is done. To Zul, Chaiyok!! We will try our best to produce a good video.

When we finished discussing, we need to tell Puan Foziah the theme and the
plot of the vidoe that we are going to produce. This is because, by doing this
we will know that our video is acceptable or not and luckily our ideas are accepted
and just need to make some changes in some part of the story.

Hmm... about our video, we choose the theme "respecting and appreciating our parents".
We are going to shoot some scenes and put some other things that are going to make our video interesting like pictures and songs. In producing the video, Puan Foziah suggested some
softwares that we could use to compile and produce the video. Some of the
softwares are, One True Media, Window Media Maker and Video Edit Magic.

Next week, we need to show the storyboard to Puan Foziah. We are
working on it on the very best. Hopefully all are going to turn out well
and we could produce the best for this course. Have a good day and take care,
pen off>_<

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