Sunday, September 6, 2009

Assignment Sent = 8th week

Salam 1 Malaysia,
Hi are you? Hmm... Its almost half Ramadhan already..
And resource class already be at its 8th week....

This week, is the week where we have to send in out assigbment,
individual and group work...
Hmm... everything went on well and we manage to finish it on time...
Nothing much to talk about that, just all those are helping us to prepare for
future assignment and also for our future teaching. All the editing and making e-book
will definitely help us for our future teaching. We will be able to use what
we have been learning to increase the students' attention and interest to the lesson.
For me all that are very useful and must be use by use to the fullest.

All that we learned can be used as teaching aids for the classroom teaching
and learning. Everything that we learned should not be put away. We will be using it as
we are the future generation teacher. We will be teaching the K-12 students and they are
well to use with technology. Thus, we should be able to improve our skills and to get involve
with the E-learning and MLearning. Al that are very useful to us in the future.

Besides that, we also need to analize some research by completed some form and prepared
power point slides. The research is all about integrating technology in the classroom. As for my group, we got the article "Use of technology in English language Learning". It is about how we use technolgy and integrating it in English Language Learning. It is also about the learning
skills that could be acquire by integrating technology to the learning like the reading and writing

All in all, whatever we have been involve all these are very important to our future,
especially for our future teaching as language teacher. Technology is a vital for the K-12
students in the future. They are born as digital native where everything around
them are digital and involve technology. We cannot avoid that and we have to face that.
It is the future reality that whatever circumstances come, we have to and we need to face
that. I think that is all for now. Take care guys and good day!!!

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