Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ramadhan is coming to an End:( Syawal is around the corner:) HAPPY EID MUBARAK!!!

Ramadhan in week 10, it is already coming to an end...
Huhu... I am so sad as i don't think this Ramadhan is better than before...
I'm sorry Ya Allah, I'm so sorry for all the sins I've done...
I hope I will meet you Ramadhan next time, I'll be missing you throughout this year..

Yes, Syawal is coming...It is around the corner..
I think most of us are thinking about hari raya right now,
everything is about raya, raya, and raya..
The new clothes, kuih raya, balik kampung..hehe..
That are the discussions going on when we meet any of our friends..
Even today, I meet a woman who I never talk to, and she asks
me when I'll go back to hometown..The discussion go on and on about hari raya..
Heehe.. the message here is Hari Raya could make
people united. We are 1 Malaysia right?

Hmm...about today's class... there are only 18 people here today..
Like I said all of us are in Raya mood... Some already back to hometown,
even we are here in the class but our mind is already fly to hometown..
Thinking of what my mom is doing for Raya preparation...
My sisters helping out whatever necessary and lot more things to do at home..
The feeling, the happiness, the eagerness..hehe.. That was what I'm thinking of
right now...

Haha..I'm not talking about what happen in class yet.. Only raya and raya..
hehe..okay, about the class some of us already show their storyboard including me...
And we also see two videos...
I'm attracted to the video about "Bidadari Syurga"..
The song and the pictures used give a very big impact and I'm very touched with the video...
I'm thinking that, it would be good if I could be like the one described in the song to my
husband.. Hehe.. I really want to be a good wife to my husband in the future..

Class end early today.. We leave at 11.30 and heading straight home as most of us
need to pack our belongings to go back to our hometown!
Hmm I think that is all that I want to talk for now....

I hope that these Ramadhan and Syawal are blessed by Allah
from the beginning till the end... I want to seek for forgiveness from all of you
from the small matter to big one.. I'm so sorry if anything that I did hurt all of you
in any way.. Take care and enjoy your raya!!!

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